Parents as Partners

We recognize the unique and special relationship between our families, our children, teachers and administrators. We are dedicated to fostering a bond that will last long after your child leave Homestar.  We are dedicated to partnering with parents through this amazing time in your child’s life. Here are a few ways that we strive to work together to provide the best for your child.

Parent Support Group

The Parent Support Group meets the third Tuesday of every month. It is open to every parent at Homestar and is a great way to meet other parents, talk about your children and being a parent, and hear about other parents successes, lessons learned, struggles and joys, as well as receiving new educational materials. Every month there is a theme, such as discipline, learning, communication, physical development, creativity and daily schedules and routines. The group runs from 4:45 to 6:15pm.  Parents have the opportunity to talk about problems, issues, successes and questions concerning all aspects of parenting. Not only do parents find that most parents have the same concerns and deal with similar difficulties, but they all have useful and concrete help to offer each other.‚Äč

All Center Work Days

Twice a year, Homestar creates all center work days  We ask parents and staff to volunteer their time to help with repairs, maintenance, painting, cleaning, building and organizing. These work days accomplish in four or five hours what it would take months to do for a few people. In addition to getting a lot of work done, we all leave at the end of the day with the feeling of being part of a wonderful community of people.

Family Gatherings

Through out the year, we bring all of our families together to celebrate our Homestar Community. Twice a year we gather for our Summer picnic and our Winter Gathering. Over good healthy food, we spend quality time connecting with each other’s families.  In addition to the All family pot luck dinners, through out the year we invite parents into the classrooms and the school to celebrate them and their children.